We all remember those days growing up and getting dirty playing with soil outside in the nature. Today, however, we do not have enough dirt and soil in our lives because the goods found in store shelves are often sterile, the cultivation is poor in nutrients due to the conditions, and in many cases the food is also genetically modified and grown with pesticides. Lack of nutrients and minerals plays a big role in the origin of our health - the gut. But also, we would`t want to condition kids to use tablets, powders and what looks like a medicine from early ears of their lives. That's why we've come up with Happy Tummy candies for kids! The candies contain cranberries, dates and Black Stuff ingredient HUFULAC ®, which consists of humic substances (25% humic acid and 75% fulvic acid). In addition, the candy contains large amounts of polyphenols.

Why should a child take the Happy Tummy candy? Parasites - they like to live most in our intestines, more precisely in the small intestine, where the main absorption of nutrients takes place in the body. It is also quite easy for children to get parasites - from toys that travel everywhere, from kindergarten, birthday parties, etc. In addition, parasites are transmitted from pets living at home.For example, young people may have skin problems due to the fact that a parasite lives in their body and also weakens their resistance to disease. Also, the parasites like to feed on the vitamins and minerals the body needs to grow and function. When the body is working to restore balance or fight some pathogens, then the organism doesn´t have enough fuel to work and becomes deficient and from there on other systems of the body suffer - less energy, pain in the joints and muscles, decreased quality of sleep and a bad mood. If the body is severely deficient in vitamins and minerals, this can also lead to an increase in the growth of parasites in the body. This is also the reason why people do not get well and get sick again and again, in this case - kids.

What results can be noticed?As it is not a medicine, we cannot say by law that it is sure to do one or the other. Nevertheless, studies have shown very good results in the benefits of fulvic and humic acids and polyphenols, and the main changes in the child's body may be:

* Improved digestion

* Better sleep

* Better mood

* More energy

* Improved resistance to disease

* Reduced skin problems

* Reduced pain in joints and muscles, including growth pain


These are really like truffles that melt in your mouth!


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  • Dried dates, dried cranberries, organic raw cacao, Black Stuff